The Nordic culture is based around sustainability, nature, and slow living. NORDIC SYV inculcates this culture into fashion. It focuses on well made clothes, with natural materials, leading to a reduction in waste, and providing you with sustainable timeless fashion.

"Syv" stands for Seven in the Norwegian language, and additional to our culture and sustainable lifestyle (or clothing), we are bringing the Nordic language closer to the world.

The Scandinavian design principles of simplicity, craftsmanship, functionality, and quality enable a better day-to-day experience. They are a natural complement to sustainability, seeking a return to high-quality ethical products designed to last, enjoy multiple uses with minimum maintenance.

Our innovated designs transform soft function properties throughout the collection leaving it chic and simple of embellishments. We consistently strive for new ways to approach life’s challenges encouraging us to slow down, reconnect with nature, be gentle with ourselves and one another.

Our goal is transparency by using innovative and leading documented sustainable fibers combined with ethical production. When developing Smart Essentials we anticipated for continuous quality improvements - the collection is intentionally designed for your everyday lifestyle. The resulting environmental consciousness is combined with simplicity and comfort - 7 Days a week.