Nordic Syv

The Concept

The Nordic culture is based around sustainability, nature and slow living. Nordic Syv inculcates this culture into fashion. It focuses on well made clothes, with natural materials, leading to a reduction in waste, and providing you with sustainable slow fashion.

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In Reverse

The Logo

The reversible N7 logo on our garments is a reminder that an alternative versatile, comfortable, washable, environmentally friendly and transparent apparel fashion does exist and when reflected in a fitting mirror the logo expresses it nicely, personalized only for you.

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The Material

The research that led to TENCEL™ Lyocell as our primary fabric was driven by the realization that for many of us Fast Fashion no longer reflects our identity, beliefs and values; gradually we understand that not only is the environment being harmed, but Fast Fashion is also unsustainable.

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The Dream

Our Dream is driven by the need to support all life on Earth, as the healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet - and the population supported by it. If we can all contribute to restoring our damaged ecosystems it will help to end poverty and combat climate.

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FSC Certified

The Packaging

Each product is consciously packaged in FSC certified paper envelope.

The end result appears elegantly gift wrapped, and is a treat to receive whether you order for yourself or a loved one.

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Nordic Syv™

Nordic Syv was born as a sustainable and conscious brand that can live, breathe and change with the buyer, hopefully for a long, long time, as a part of an industry that is in dire need of a change.

I hope you will love Nordic Syv as much as I have loved designing and making our collection!

- Hannah Othilie