The NORDIC SYV brand was designed to be transparent from inception

Within every garment we have placed a QR code that once scanned directs you into the relevant webpage. Here we have presented the concept, fibers with details of where the products are made and by whom, on a per garment basis. Currently we work with 2 independent suppliers who handle the production process of the N7 collection. These manufacturers were chosen based on their reputation and adherence to our CoC (Code of Conduct) and T&C (Terms of Conditions) to maintain fair wages, decent working conditions, attention to animal welfare with an emphasis of elimination of waste coupled with CO2 reduction goals. We follow up on our suppliers, maintaining close communication together with facility visits, ensuring that we work together to achieve future with even higher environmental standards.

We believe that transparency and a modern consumer are an important key to improve the textile industry’s current toxic footprint. By quickly researching your items of interest you can be assured that the garments you buy enforce social and environmental sustainability. For those who would like to explore further, please see below - a short film behind the scenery tour of how the launch collection was envisioned - from TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres to fabric to our current showcase.