The latest climate report states that the earth’s climate warming had passed the point of no return. The likely effect on the young, social stability, food and commerce internationally, will continue to deteriorate espesially where stability has become a day-today affair, depending where you reside. This drives us to rethink the textile industry in order to help reduce the enviremental footprint in the value chain.

NORDIC SYV'S mission - sustainable profitability:

  • A minimalistic design line of limited premium essentials for all occasions
  • A website carrying our simple message
  • A supply chain that will respond to future challenges
      NORDIC SYV'S values give meaning to the full circle:
      • Choose consciously
      • Inspire to buy less and care more
      • Love lasting relationship with your favourite essentials
      • Refuse to Greenwash and Fast Fashion
      • Share and re-use when possible 
      • Recycle only when necessary
      • Circle loop transparency