The Spring of 2020 introduced the Covid pandemic that would forever change every aspect of our daily lives; how we worked, parented, loved, relaxed and lived.

Leaning against the bedroom door at our homes in Norway we stared at our wardrobes. There were our favourite items, cherished but unused slowly losing their elegance. These garments sat between piles and piles of fast, wasteful fashion that we were wearing daily.

Our conclusion was that we’d managed to amass a wardrobe without paying a single thought to sustainability or our daily interactions with our most loved or essential items. It’s not that we’d been unaware - having spent many years pioneering clean loop standards in retail fashion and keeping well informed of the latest research How Much Do Our Wardrobes Cost to the Environment?

There and then we faced somewhat of a personal dilemma. If we, as well informed industry experts hadn’t been able to apply our understanding to our own wardrobes - what hope did we have of actually changing the industry?

So we began to think:

  • How can we reinvent collections to be more durable, continue to be fashionable and promote sustainable optimism?
  • How do we reduce our footprint, whilst increasing our contribution to help reduce fashion pollution?
  • Was it possible to promote sustainability through appreciation and mindful interactions with our daily wardrobes?


We are a team of 7, and together with more than 25 years of experience in international textiles, fashion design and manufacturing we’re deeply aligned on creating a sustainable fashion future through our everyday interactions with essential wardrobes.

Our design inspiration comes from the little black dress (LBD). The Collection is casual but luxurious, functional while not sacrificing originality and personality.
By defining intentional minimalism in our design elements we leave intimate apparel choices up to you, dressed up or down, depending on the mood or occasion.

Two years later those first ideas have become today’s NORDIC SYV collection.

Redefining your wardrobe for a sustainable future
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